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Provide working age people with disabilities the opportunity to experience employment in a self-sustaining work environment that provides them with economic, social, and cultural fulfillment.

Create a working environment where people with disabilities can effectively and safely be engaged in productive endeavors.

The Workforce
We have enormous pride and respect for our workforce. They are people with disabilities who have learned multiple job skills and take great pleasure in productive work. You see, our workforce really wants to work and thrive in the safety of our environment. They are very efficient and take great satisfaction in their personal accomplishments -- to have a job and to do it well.

RAOC is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization existing solely for the benefit of its employees. With financial support from industry, local, state, and federal governing bodies, and private funding, RAOC has provided center-based employment for people with disabilities for 40 years. There are presently 45 employees that work and receive training at the Center. Most were referred by the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services, the Rockbridge Area Community Services Board, or other social service agencies.